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Central Govt.


October 1st every year is celebrated all over the world as International Day of the Elderly and as part of this Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has been celebrating the occasion every year by organizing a series of programmes and facilitating distinguished senior citizens, organizations and Panchayaths with the Vayoshreshtha Samman.

This is to recognize the services rendered by the older senior citizens, to sensitize the society about the problems and needs of the older persons and to reiterate the Government’s commitment towards the cause of the elderly. Total of 10 awards are therein the various categories.


Institutions which study about problems of Old age, Association conducting service to welfare of old age, people above 90 years of age who continue social work, best mothers who tried hard to bring their children to their destiny, brave old age people, service done by old age in the field of old age, old age people who got national/international awards in field of cultural activities, best panchayats working for welfare of old age, old age people working in the field of sports, and old age people working for economic prosperity can apply for concerned awards.


Awards are given in the following category.

Institution Award for Knowledge for the institutions, which are generating and spreading the knowledge in the field of ageing.

Institution Award for Service for the institutions which are providing outstanding services to the elderly.

Centenarian Award for the individuals who are 90+ years and still working and contributing to the society.

Best Mother Award for mothers who have fought against all odds so that their children may fulfill her dream.

Courage and Bravery Award to the older people who displayed extraordinary courage in difficult situations.

Lifetime Achievement Award to the senior citizens who have worked in the field of aging and made significant contributions in the field.

Creative Art Award for the winners of the National/ International acclaim for their contribution to literature, painting , theatre, feature films and who are continued to be appreciated by the society despite advancing age and their efforts to train younger persons in the art.

Best Panchayath Award to the Panchayaths, which have done pioneering work for the cause of the older person at Panchayath Level.

Sportsperson Award  to the winners of National / International Championships during young age, continued contribution to the improvement of younger sportsperson.
Economic Leadership Award to the persons who have contributed to economic and entrepreneurial development and continued contribution to improve standards in the industry.


Eligibility criteria

The applicants must be of above said criteria.

How to avail

The application forms can be obtained from the District Social Justice Offices. The applications forms must be completely filled in English with relevant documents and can submit in the same office within the time limit announced by Government.


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