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PostHeaderIcon Educational Assistance to Children of Prisoners

Scheme Type
State Government
Funding Pattern
 State Government
Description There are many persons imprisoned, some for known reasons and others for unknown reasons. Once they are lodged in jail their families that are suffering the most. They get ostracized from the society. Due to the lack of money their children might be denied education at a very early age itself. This might have huge repercussions later it may lead to the birth of new criminals in society. Therefore, the government has initiated such a project that aims at bringing these people to the main stream of the society.
Beneficiaries Children of Prisoners
Benefits •    An amount of Rs. 500 per month will be given to children up to 10th standard limited to Rs. 6000/- per year
•    An amount of Rs. 1000 per month from  plus two and above limited to Rs. 12,000/- per year
Eligibility Criteria

1) Children of women and other prisoners sentenced for imprisionong for 2 years or more

2) BPL family

3) Only time assistance will be given

How to Avail

Application are accepted by the District Social Justice Offices, through the jail superintendents.